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The first step is to have the guts to wear this type
of fashion
Then you take it a step at a time. You
want the people around you to get used to the idea
of you wearing lolita so you start with accessories.

Tomomi Nakamura for PSM, Anime Matsuri, April 2012

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~ My wishlist ~
Lock the Pandora's Memories OP   Fantasia Lame Chiffon Blouse Black   Twinkle Constellation Chiffon Blouse Beige          

* 107P350 Lock the PANDORA's memories Onepiece - Any color
* 107P424 Fantasia Lame Chiffon Blouse - Black
* 136★438 Twinkle Constellation Blouse - Ivory

Contact me if you've seen one of these things sold somewhere. Thank you !
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DS : Onepiece, Skirt, Blouse and OTKS
Onepiece Alice and the Pirates, Set Skirt + OTKs Alice and the Pirates, Set Blouse + OTKs Baby, the Stars Shine BrightRéduire )


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